About Trip Tots

We are buddies from the same college and have been friends for more than 20 years. We share a platonic relationship that is the envy of many. The best part, we are both addicted to travelling and between us, have travelled to more than 100 destinations. All our trips are self-planned & curated at an affordable budget.

I am an editor/writer who takes pleasure in photographing everything but myself when I travel. My travels often include experiencing the wonders of nature, seeing animals in the wild, both on land and in the sea, and immersing myself in the vibes of the places I visit. I have conversations with all the animals that I have been fortuned to meet as I truly believe, like my cats, all animals understand every word I say.  It is THE thing that keeps me alive and ploughing through crazy, mad schedule in stressful Singapore (ok besides food haha). My travel writing has been published in several local and international media, both print & online.

Mel, on the other hand, loves every thing Japan. He knows the country like the back of his hand. He has a special knack of making amazeball videos of his trips on his Mac. With my love for writing and his skills in video-making, we plan to share our years of travelling with the world. Simply because we know how travel changes you, like nothing else can.

Together, we will continue to map the world in our hearts, one destination at a time.

If you think you need loads of $ to see the world, then I suggest you read on, cos we did all the traveling at a  lesser cost than most (no need to stay at backpacker hostels, that’s a promise) 🙂


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